- MC Counter -

MC Counter App lets you billing the impressions in alternative way
it counts impressions by color coverage
for use on Xerox® AltaLink® Color only


  • Splitting impression by color coverage
  • Sending report by email


MC Counter App split the impressions on three counters using coverage and colors as reference:
If the impression is Black and White it will be counted by Black and white counter field as a traditional printer.
If the impression is with low color coverage as head paper, small graph or pie chart and text etc.., it will be counted as Color Level1 impression.
If the impression is a color graphic or image with medium/high coverage, it will be counted as a Color Impression.

See it on action


Setup default email address of the machine following the link: http://www.support.xerox.com
Setup the billing impression method as A3/Tabloid (when one A3/tabloid with low color coverage will be printed and A4/letter method is setted up, the counter will click one Full Color and one Color Level1).
Make attention: MC counter cannot be monitored by network asset monitoring applications. 


PDF Examples download:

Use PostScript driver* or webpage submission tool to printing these files.
*PostScript driver is allways preferred for better results.

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